Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Keyword: quilting fabric

URL: http://www.hickoryhillquilts.com/

Mombubot Score: 1

Well, it is time again to investigate why this page received a Mombubot score of only 1 and was still able to get in the top 11. We will also look into what could have been done to possibly get into the top 10.

Well it looks like Google certainly categorized this page correctly it certainly is in the quilting space. Using a derivative of the keyword "quilt fabric" scores a much higher mombubot score at 6 which helps answer the question why so high in the listing. Also, based on the design of the site and the domain registration back in 1997 this site has been around for a while which provides some more lift in the rankings.

Okay, so what could have been done to get in the top 10. Well there are a couple of very easy things which can be done to help. One of the big impacts could come from changing the order of the text in the Title tag for the page. Often I see the name of the company first and good SEO will put the keywords before the company name as it provides the search engines with a better idea of what the page is about and hence where to rank it. I would also suggest that a move away from the table layout would assist but a smaller change would be to add some header tags around important keywords on the page.

Keywords before company name in the title! Don't forget the header tags!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Keyword: entrepreneur

URL: http://www.entrepreneurship.org/

Mombubot Score: 8

This had a good mombubot score and only missed out on keyword meta inclusion and density. This page for the most part looks to be in good SEO shape, but how come they are not in the top 10? Well in this case, let's take a look at the top 10 directly and see if we can come up with some answers.

Interesting enough the thing which seems to be beating this site is that the other sites are closer to the search term buy using "Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurs" as the primary target rather than "Entrepreneurship". When searching for "Entrepreneurship" this page is in position 2 right under wikipedia. So considering "Entrepreneurship" is the primary this page places quite well for a secondary term "Entrepreneur".

In the 10 position just above this page is http://www.kauffman.org/ which is the foundation main site which supports the page we are looking at. The Kauffman site does use the keyword meta tag which is one simple thing the page we are investigating should do.

Follow the standards as much as possible and included all the SEO best practices. Mombubot.com can help you check your score.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Keyword: horse software

URL: http://www.spottedhorse.com/

Mombubot Score: 4

Although this page has a lower Mombubot score it still ranks quite well. We have seen this before in other pages reviewed. There are some key locations which have the keywords. The Title bar, description, frequency and prominence together with all or in this case part of the keyword in the URL all help with the good position.

However, in this case if you were looking for software for your horse you would not have been taken to the correct page. As the search engines try to organize sites the best they can do is work with keywords and try to figure out the category for pages. This site should really be put with the other software developers creating web sites and design. So if the owner of this page is hoping to be ranked with the software developers the focus on their business name "Spotted Horse Software" can cause an issue.

If your business name doesn't reflect the category you are going after, you have to NOT make it the focus of your page. Again, go back to your keywords and focus/highlight them!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Keyword: bulk sms

URL: http://www.massmailsoftware.com/bulksmsandpager/

Mombubot Score: 8

Another good score, but this does come from the google.ca site rather than the larger .com site! This page has a little too many words and a low keyword density on the page. I would suggest that the content be trimmed down and which would also assist with the density. But let's look a little closer.

The keyword phase is in the title bar, however, it would work better if it had a little more prominent placement closer to the beginning of the title. In this case the page may also be trying to target "send sms online" which does return a top 10 listing and does have this a the front of the title bar.

Unfortunately, this site uses table layout which as we know is not as good as CSS layout but on top of that there is some malformed HTML with at least one missing end table tag which means there is most likely more HTML issues.

Another point for Google analytics users, you will want to put the script at the end of the page so the search engine bots don't have to go through it to get to your good stuff.

Remember the fundamentals of a well formed HTML page.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Keyword: action games

URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Action_game

Mombubot Score: 3

Okay this is a wikipedia page so it already gets significant lift in the rankings. But they also do some interesting things on the page to work in the keywords. This page is the first one I have recently reviewed which has exceeded the keyword frequency usage of 4%. The page also includes the keywords in the links where few pages do and the body prominence of the keywords is good.

So what could tip this over to the top 10? Well, I would first suggest that the title bar be changed to read Action games as well as the other references to just Action game. Really I think people would search for action games anyway rather than the singular action game. If you do search for action game then you will find this page in the top 10!

Use consistent tense with your keywords based on how people will be looking for your page.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Keyword: sewer drain

URL: http://www.sewerdraincleaning.com/

Mombubot Score: 3

This page is a few tweaks away from the top 10! The first important change would be to the title tag on the page. Presently it reads "$49.99 Sewer or Drain Clog Cleaning Queens Brooklyn Nassau New York - Home".

Well a common issue with some sites is that although information may be relevant for the owner it really doesn't match what people will search for. In this case the "$49.99" I would suggest be removed from the title tag as well as "or" so that the title reads "Sewer Drain Clog Cleaning..."

I am sure no one will know the exact price they are looking and certainly will not search for it so having "$49.99" in the title takes away from the search rankings. Taking out the "or" adds some relevance ranking points as you will get "sewer" and/or "drain" and people looking for "sewer drain".

As is don't on this pages, including your pricing on the page is where is should be. As this is a focal point of the page and part of the sales position it works well in the page.

Take the irrelevant content out of the title!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Keyword: elearning library

URL: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=112098106245

Mombubot Score: 0

What is this, a mombubot score of zero ranking in the 11th position? I would have said this couldn't have been but it just shows the power of good overall site ranking and we know Facebook certainly has good ranking.

The page does have some reference to elearning library and it is highlighted and recent which helps but really it is the site ranking which is helping this page.

So another lesson from the social network and the power of this network to carry your message forward. Facebook and other social networks are not only a great place to have people connect to you and your message (ie. business) it also as we have seen here takes your message outside of the social network.

With the object of having more people visit your pages, engaging in social network activity can only help. So get out there and poke a few people!