Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Keyword: elearning library


Mombubot Score: 0

What is this, a mombubot score of zero ranking in the 11th position? I would have said this couldn't have been but it just shows the power of good overall site ranking and we know Facebook certainly has good ranking.

The page does have some reference to elearning library and it is highlighted and recent which helps but really it is the site ranking which is helping this page.

So another lesson from the social network and the power of this network to carry your message forward. Facebook and other social networks are not only a great place to have people connect to you and your message (ie. business) it also as we have seen here takes your message outside of the social network.

With the object of having more people visit your pages, engaging in social network activity can only help. So get out there and poke a few people!

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