Friday, June 19, 2009

Keyword: bronze sculpture


Mombubot Score: 5

Using the slightly altered plural keyword "bronze sculptures" this page ends up in the top 10. Again another sign of the power of plurals! This page could do with some more content with more use of the targeted keywords. There are missed opportunities to add the keywords to images, links and headers.

Again this site uses tables for layout instead of css layout. There are a few advantages of css layout. One advantage is that the search engine crawler has a better chance to understand your content and categorize it. Another overlooked advantage is that the page becomes much more accessible for people who use screen readers or for other sites to crawl your content. I could go on however, there are many resources on the web talking about the advantages of css layout.

Another important thing to note on this site is that there is very little use of script to control the site. This is a good thing! Most crawlers have trouble with scripts or simply don't read them. Avoid using scripts for your navigation as this can prevent crawlers from crawling and indexing your whole site. The key is to make your pages as easy to find for people as possible and you do this by making the pages easy for crawlers to get to and index.

Make the move to top 10 with a few minor adjustments!

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