Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Keyword: Offshore Iowa


Mombubot Score: 1

Okay, this page scored really low in the mombubot best practices so why is it ranked in the 11th position? Well, obviously best practices are simply that best practices. But with more of them perhaps this page could have ranked on the first page withing the top 10?

The second search word "Iowa" was found in the first position within the title tag and very early in the indexed text the first keyword is found "Offshore". The number one ranking had "Offshore Iowa" in the title tag and within the text. Another page in the top 10 ranked with "Offshore Iowa" in the text but was number 2 compared to another page which had "Offshore" and "Iowa" in the title but separated by text.

What does this all mean? Well as I look at it is seems that an exact match to the keywords as searched for is the most important with the title tag match being one of the most important.

Keep your keywords together and put them at the beginning of your title and at the beginning of your text.

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