Thursday, June 25, 2009

Keyword: yakima entrepreneurs


Another mombubot score of 1 and still a relatively good position. The title tag had both keywords, however, in opposite order and not in the best "front" position within the title. This simple change could put them in the top 10.

This site may be targeting another word as well on the site. They rank #1 for "yakima entrepreneurs salary" but if you drop the "s" from entrepreneurs the page disappears. Oh how critical the "s" is here! Of note, these keywords don't have much competition in a space with only a little over 30K.

Again the top 10 indicates that a combination of order and placement of keywords is critical. As well, in this case more use of the keywords within the body copy would have also helped.

This is a job search site which seems to provide some interesting, current and relevant information to its audience. This will help the page get the eyes it is looking for, but only if they improve the ranking like the rest of us

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