Thursday, June 18, 2009

Keyword: hip hop culture


Mombubot Score: 2

This sited scored fairly low on the mombubot top checklist for best practices. It did score for frequency of the use of the term in the text and for prominence within the body, however it missed on of the most important locations the Title tag. Well, let's qualify that a little. The term is in the title tag but not exactly as the search keyword was used. You see the title tag contains the term "hip-hop culture" instead of "hip hop culture". That little difference can certainly be a big difference. For example if you search for "hip-hop culture" this page ends up in the top 10!

Again, another little difference can make a large impact. In this case as in other cases you have to think about the audience and how they refer to the genre and how they will search. This page is setup to favour "hip-hop culture" which has a higher mombubot ranking at 4 and as pointed out it lands in the top 10.

Be mindful of the hyphen and other punctuations marks on your page. Again, get into the heads of you audience to determine how they will search.

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