Monday, June 29, 2009

Keyword: market research


Mombubot Score: 8

This page has a good mombubot score at 8. It is only missing some density and image tags. Good css layout and not the table layout still found on many sites (see below).

This page certainly isn't targeting "market research" as the keywords for this page. In fact the article is about market research but also a lot about Michael Jackson and his recent passing.

Based on the content of the overall site and this page in particular I would suspect this site gathers some good click rates based on the type of article based content. This would provide a lift to page ranking as well. This may explain why this page ranks higher then one from, which has a mombubot score of 9!

As well, the site lists over 1 million indexed pages, which is a huge site. More content = more authority. More authority = higher rankings.

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