Thursday, July 9, 2009

Keyword: beach cruisers


Mombubot Score: 8

Another mombubot score of 8, well done! This page is very obvious it is about "beach cruisers" which are bicycles for those not in the know (like me when I came across this the first time).

This site like many others uses CSS to layout the content, however, in this case Table layout would have been the better choice. When you intend on presenting data in a tabulated form then you should use tables that is what tables are for.

Another thing with this site is that there are a huge amount of pages indexed. This site lists over 5000 pages indexed. Usually having many pages is a good thing as people can find your content if it is indexed, however, in this case the focus is taken off the keyword "beach cruisers" as the entire site is about many other bike related stuff.

Along with the amount of pages there are too many links from this page. When building a page a best practice would be to keep the links to under 100 on the page. This can lower page ranking.

Link carefully on your web page!

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