Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Keyword: rumba

URL: http://www.viihdeimperiumi.fi/lehti_esittely.asp?lid=Rumba

Mombubot Score: 7

Everybody rumba! I am not much of a dancer, but you can feel the excitement simply in the word rumba. It just sounds like fun.

Anyway, here we find another non-North American page from Finland which ranks quite well in the .com search. I am sure the mombubot score of 7 is helping, but let me look a little closer.

There is lots of content on this page and it is beautifully organized using CSS layout. Again, this allows the search engine bots to read the page easily and keep the content in context. The context is what helps the search engines determine ranking.

The pages uses the domain http://www.rumba.fi/ but redirects to the URL which also has the keyword in it as an ID tag. This redirection is not the best approach. It would be much better to have the content fall within the rumba.fi domain. This could be loosing some ranking by doing this.

The word rumba is used in strategic locations throughout the page. Even with the good use of the keyword, the density is still a little off of what is the best practice. This could be an area to investigate further.

The pages also uses internal links with the keyword in them. I haven't talk a lot about internal links but they are very important. More on internal links later.

Watch the redirection!

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