Monday, July 6, 2009

Keyword: superdry


Mombubot Score: 0

Okay, our first big fat zero mombubot score. Well this begs the question, "Why did it rank in the eleventh position if the score is zero"? Well, good question (if I don't say so myself). Several factors add to search ranking and many of them are out side of SEO top 10 best practices, however, first one little technical detail. Mombubot reviews the page using the exact keyword, in this case "superdry" but the search engines will also rank "super dry" with a space.

Soooo, why the 11th ranking? Well there could be a number of reasons some follow.

  • the domain names contains the search keyword
  • the page uses CSS Layout
  • within the limited content on the page, super dry is used
  • 1.8 million competition for this keyword which is not huge
  • popular brand

How do they move into the top 10? Well try the mombubot top 10 best practices first. As this page ranks in the top 10 for "Super Dry", I would suggest that any changes be done lightly. Although you can target several keywords for one page, if you are getting good ranking with one stay with it if the traffic is coming. If you rank number 1 and nobody comes to your site then perhaps the keyword should be investigated further.

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