Monday, July 20, 2009

Keyword: Briefcase


Mombubot Score: 4

When I first went to this page it was unreachable. Unreachable but still in position 11, what to do? Well, I checked the link again and managed to connect to the page. This brings up an important point about web pages.

It is important that response time be as minimal as possible. Search engine bots will only index pages they can get to and ones they can get to quickly. Any long delays and the bots will move on to someone else's page! This is similar to the experience I had, I was very close to moving on.

Make sure your page is reachable and is not to heavy with large graphic downloads etc...

As for SEO on this page. Well, it is a very simple page with the keyword as the product being offered. This means the page is well targeted to the keyword. You will notice that multiple colours where used on the page for the keyword which is a best practice to highlight the keyword. There are man search engine best practices which could be used on this page to bring it into the top 10.

By far the important issue is make sure your pages are accessible and provide a quick response.

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