Friday, July 3, 2009

Keyword: Messenger Bag


Mombubot Score: 7

This is an online store page where you can purchase items. It is very important in dealing with the competition that you maintain all the SEO top 10 best practices you can. Having good product detail is key and including your keywords is critical.

This page does a good job of adding lots of content about the item being sold. I have seen many pages selling items where there is very little in the way of information and this is a mistake.

Remember that feedback can also add to the content and help out with SEO. So make sure your online store has the ability to accept feedback and publish the feedback on the product item page.

To benefit from good SEO you have to make sure the page is clearly identified for the search terms. Try not to add too many other products to the page as this can alter the focus of the page and hurt the targeting you are going after. As well, a clean clear page helps potential customers actually purchase from you, which is the ultimate bottom line.

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