Friday, July 10, 2009

Keyword: clean technologies


Mombubot Score: 8

This page had a high mombubot score of 8 and only missed out on density and link text. Link text is very important to search engines as well as people searching.

It is important to have relevant information in the link text and include your keywords in that relevant link text. This includes links back to the original page or location on the original page.

People will follow links as they are the pathway to the information they are looking for. The search engines know this as well and suggest this as a best practice to follow.

This includes the link text you use for your navigation. Very often you will find site navigation with HOME listed as a link. It would be much more effective to change the link text to something which includes your keywords such as in this case "Clean Technology Home".

Make your link text as effective as possible by including your keywords and don't forget the navigation link text.

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