Monday, July 13, 2009

Keyword: business calendars


Mombubot Score: 1

This page scored very low with a mombubot score of only 1 for "business calendars", but they must be doing something to obtain an eleven position. So let's investigate a little further. Well, it appears that when the keyword is broken up the pages has a mombubot score of 9 for each keyword individually.

This means that the page isn't specifically targeting "business calendars" but they are using "business" and "calendars" in an optimized way on the site. If you look at the page you will see that in most cases "business" is followed at some point by "calendar" so the ordering points are good, but could be better.

Proximity of the two keywords could be improved to place higher for "business calendars". As such, when the keyword phase is broken apart and searched for this pages doesn't show up. It is important to monitor your site and see what combinations of words you already my have a good ranking and then tweak it a little to get even better ranking.

Do your pages rank higher for some other keyword combinations on your pages you were not expecting? This means your target keywords are not as effective as they can be and perhaps some alterations are in order.

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