Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Keyword: tapscott

URL: http://www.leighbureau.com/speaker.asp?id=13

Mombubot Score: 6

This page ranked quite well with a mombubot score of only 6. It does have the important best practices in use with Don Tapscott as the first keywords in the title and used in a highlighted way in the body. The copy is a little long for optimal and the page is missing meta tags.

Unlike what you will read in several places on the web, meta tags are important. Meta tags such as the description tag is highlighted by google to make sure they are unique. Uniqueness helps to show that your page is different from other similar content.

Similar content in the search engine world can be deadly. Similar pages are grouped together and are down on the list when searched for. One the best version will be presented with good ranking and that may not be your page. So remember the meta tags and keep your content different and unique from other pages on the web, including your own pages.

Don't forget the unique meta tags!

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